Finally, a Photoshop + Illustrator event for designers, production artists, and publishers!

May 22–23
Atlanta, Georgia

Learn the top techniques of the Photoshop and Illustrator masters in this two-day in-depth event during CreativePro Week 2017.

PS/AI is a full-day, multi-track conference on May 22, followed by two optional deep-dive half-day tutorials on May 23 that explore integrating Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, and other tools.

Speakers Include

For a full list of this year's presenters, see this page.

Bert Monroy

Robin Schneider

Jesus Ramirez

Laura Coyle

Von Glitschka


PS/AI covers a wide spectrum of topics involving Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop including:

  • Spectacular and Easy Type Effects
  • A Designers Guide to Including 3D
  • Top Ten Selection Tricks
  • Using symbols and smart objects
  • Five power user tools of the Illustrator masters
  • Illustrator for web and app graphics
  • Moving seamlessly between PS and IL


On Tuesday, May 23, we offer two half-day tutorials:

  • Real World Photoshop + Illustrator: Internationally renowned Photoshop and Illustrator guru Bert Monroy will discuss creating and editing illustrations for commercial design.
  • The Triumvirate: How Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign work together for optimum success (and how Bridge holds it all together)