Creative Developers Summit

4–5 June, 2020

The Creative Developers Summit is the premier annual event for anyone who creates or implements custom software solutions for creative professionals. The Summit is the place to meet, share, and learn about our industry’s tools, resources, and direction.

This Dev Summit Is For You

You know the Creative Developers Summit is for you if:

  • you write software to extend the functionality and/or automate tasks or workflow by creating scripts, extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, or custom applications;
  • you are responsible for ensuring that technical things are working properly, so that creative minds don’t have to worry about them;
  • you deal with software updates, OS compatibility, and Creative Cloud teams;
  • you’re charged with making sure that the file server keeps running and has sufficient disk space, the network pings, the pages get paginated, and the scripts do not crash.

The Creative Developers Summit offers something for all levels of experience and all specialities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginning scripter, a C++ developer, or a seasoned IT manager!

At the Creative Developers Summit you’ll find solutions for problems you encounter every day, and you’ll learn about current and future technologies.

Why spend hours scouring search engines for solutions, when you can attend The Creative Developers Summit?

You’ll get face-to-face with Adobe technical, developer and marketing teams to get the inside scoop on Adobe’s roadmaps and future plans (NDA is required), as well as the opportunity to share and solicit feedback from the creative development community.

Come away with time-saving know-how and a brand-new support network of knowledgeable peers!

Read what Kris Coppieters from Rorohiko has to say about why developers should attend the Creative Developers Summit.

Important note:

  • If you have a CreativePro Week pass, you may attend the Creative Developers Summit
  • A Creative Developers Summit pass is only $95 for 2 days, but you do not have access to other CreativePro Week sessions

About Us

While The Creative Developers Summit is sponsored and developed in collaboration with Adobe, it is an independent event, run by, and for, developers, DevOps and IT professionals who build and support extensions that integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud.


Here’s what we have at the moment. We may be adding or revising these up until the last minute, so check back here to see what the latest schedule is:

  • Welcome and Session Guidelines — Chuck Weger
  • CEP, Royale, and Spectrum — Gabe Harbs
  • Transplanting CEP outside Photoshop — Davide Barranca
  • Community scripts — Mike Zahorik (Adobe)
  • Speeding up InDesign Server scripts — Kris Coppieters
  • Build automation for extensions — Jim Birkenseer
  • Metadata, GitHub, build chain automation, React, and Spectrum — James Lockman (Adobe)
  • NEW! An archive for the AdobeDevs Slack channel — Kris Coppieters
  • Cloud-based image-processing APIs — Mark Nichoson (Adobe)
  • JSXSparker: Go from scratch to ‘Hello World’ in ExtendScript for — Kris Coppieters
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Apps In 5 Mins
  • Ask Me Anything (live sessions on Thursday or Friday)

Not free on June 4/5? In a different time zone? Not a problem!

You still reap the benefits: all presentations are pre-recorded and can be viewed at any time during the week leading up to June 4 & 5. Watch the sessions on your own time, and then on June 4–5 we’ll have online Q&A sessions where you can ask questions regarding the videos you’ve seen.


Here are a few of the amazing speakers who are presenting at this year’s Creative Developer Summit:

Chuck Weger
CTO, Barebones Living

Jim Birkenseer
Vice-president, Owner, Premedia

Kerri Shotts
Developer Advocate, Adobe

Kris Coppieters

Mike Zahorik
Senior Manager of Partner Strategy and Programs, Adobe