Anne-Marie Concepcion

Kevin Callahan

Chad Chelius

Wednesday, 9:00 – 5:00 pm

Enjoy a full immersion for the entire day in ebook design, development, and troubleshooting, and emerge with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to thrive in this busy, ever-evolving field.

We’ll be focusing on the EPUB open standard, and include real-world case studies that take off from there. From the fundamentals of reflowable ebooks to adding interactivity to Fixed-Layout EPUBs and on up to advanced topics for optimizing the HTML and CSS for Kindles and other devices, we’ve got you covered!  Learn from three industry experts who do as well as teach!

In the morning, we’ll be covering:

  • Overview of the eBook marketplace
  • Comparison of eBook formats
  • Anatomy of an EPUB
  • Essential InDesign file prep steps for reflowable EPUBs
  • Your Toolbox: Free and low-cost utilities, scripts, and cloud services
  • Real World focus: Managing images in reflowable EPUBs

After a delicious lunch break on the Adobe campus, we’ll reconvene and cover:

  • Kindle! The Kindle marketplace, market share, and KDP portal
  • Basic steps of InDesign to Kindle (reflowable) format
  • Real World focus: Editing EPUBs for optimal Kindle flowable and fixed-layout
  • Fixed-Layout EPUBs overview
  • Creating interactive Fixed-Layout EPUBs from InDesign CC
  • EPUB clinic: Q&A, troubleshooting your files