Webinar InDesign Styles 2023

Watch On-Demand:
InDesign Paragraph and Characters Styles from Start to Finish

In case you missed our free webinar, “InDesign Paragraph and Character Styles from Start to Finish,” you’re in luck! You can now watch the recording on-demand. To access, fill out the form below. We’ll send you an email with more details.

About This Session

Are you using InDesign styles effectively?

Every InDesign user knows that styles are essential for efficiently formatting text. They allow us to quickly format content and easily make changes later on. Using styles is also a requirement if you want to take advantage of InDesign’s powerful automation features.

Watch for our free 75-minute webinar that features a replay of Chad Chelius’ mind-blowing CreativePro Week 2022 session, “InDesign Paragraph and Character Styles from Start to Finish,” followed by a Q&A with Chad.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use styles the right way! Topics include:

  • The fastest way to create and redefine styles
  • Thinking creatively with styles
  • Leveraging Nested Styles to apply text formatting automatically

Everyone who signs up will also receive a special discount to CreativePro Week, June 5–9 in Phoenix, AZ (and online).