Adobe is a global leader in digital media and digital marketing. We harness our creative DNA to not only enable the creation of beautiful and powerful images, videos, and apps, but also to reinvent how companies interact with their customers across every digital channel and screen. We help creative professionals, publishers, developers, and businesses make, manage, measure, and monetize their content anywhere.

Ajar Productions creates software to improve your life as a designer. The in5 extension from Ajar Productions exports interactive InDesign content in all its glory (buttons, hyperlinks, audio, video, multi-state objects, animation, liquid layout, and overlays) to an open format that can be viewed on any device and easily converted to a mobile app. No need to code. Take full advantage of your awesome design skills with a little help from our friendly tools.

Avatar’s unparalleled expertise in data-to-design integration enables us to provide you with project solutions, guidance, and support — in a way you can understand. With knowledge that spans more than 30 years, we’ve got the serious chops to help you with: Catalog Automation, Data Analysis/Data Modeling, Data-to-Design Plug-in Integration, Reverse Engineering, Process Flow Analysis, Catalog Design, Solution Architecting, and even Custom Automation Applets for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign. We’re also the EasyCatalog gurus who will provide all the training and support you may need to help you achieve your goals, regardless of complexity. Check us out at avatardps.com

Blurb® is a book-making platform and creative community that enables individuals to create, publish, share, and sell high-quality photo books, trade books, and magazines in both print and digital formats. Blurb is accessible to consumers across the globe with free, innovative book creation and layout tools. Founded in 2005, Blurb has over 2 million customers worldwide, resulting in over 4 million unique book titles, with nearly 18 million units shipped to almost 100 countries around the world. We are headquartered in San Francisco.

Circular Software specialize in software for publishers.

CircularFLO takes any InDesign or print PDFs and exports to fixed layout EPUB3 and Amazon KF8. Add unique interactivity and totally automatic read aloud text highlighting.

GreenLight goes beyond regular preflighting, combining custom workflow-specific checklists with your required exports. Instantly share settings and checks with every InDesign user, internally or out-of-house, and be certain all files are made the way you want.

MasterPlan takes your print pages online. Work collaboratively and share comments on live InDesign projects then securely publish PDF or InDesign books to searchable interactive book content for your website.

Em Software has been providing data publishing automation tools, and, more recently, editorial automation tools since the start of the InDesign age. Step into Em’s time machines to shorten your editorial cycle: DocsFlow and WordsFlow are time machines, collapsing the time required by your editorial production processes, based on live links and “magic merge” updates from Google Docs and Microsoft Word, respectively.

Hire Em’s software robots to do your data-driven production work: InData and InCatalog are software robots, silently, flawlessly building and updating your documents while you watch.

GoProof is the ultimate online proofing software tool for total design collaboration and is used by thousands of freelancers, brands and creative agencies across the world.

Say goodbye to exporting PDFs every time you want to share InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop designs. Put an end to messy email trails and sticky markups on multiple PDF versions.

As GoProof is cloud based and comes with both an Adobe CC add-on and mobile app, it’s simply the best system for approving amazing creative work in an efficient, safe and inspirational way.

GraphicStock provides premium content at a price anyone can afford. Subscribers get unlimited access to 300,000+ photos, illustrations, vectors, and other design elements—meaning you can download as much as you want, as often as you want. Your downloads are yours to keep and use forever.

Guided by a mission to help creatives bring their visions to life, GraphicStock is an affordable subscription model, making high-quality content available for projects of any size.

Id-Extras.com delivers off-the-shelf add-ons and custom-made solutions for InDesign and Acrobat. Although our clients include some of the leading global players in the field (HarperCollins, Penguin, Prudential Insurance, New York Times) we are agile enough to help companies of all sizes, and individual graphic designers. Id-Extras.com are the developers of FormMagic Pro – the essential InDesign add-on for creating accessible, richly-formatted, interactive PDF forms right inside InDesign.

Browse our library of InDesign add-ons at www.id-extras.com/products. The right InDesign tool can save hours of your time, every day!

Ledet Training operates Adobe authorized training centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, San Diego and Washington DC. Ledet Training also delivers virtual instructor-led training events in online classrooms and private events onsite at client locations. Regularly scheduled classes are offered on Adobe’s full line of products including all Creative Cloud, elearning and technical communications applications. In addition to being one of Adobe’s oldest and most respected authorized training center partners, Ledet Training is an authorized training partner for Autodesk, Microsoft and is the only US authorized training partner for Unity, a vendor of tools for VR/AR and mixed reality content creation.

InDesignSecrets is the premier source for information about Adobe InDesign. Developed by page-layout guru David Blatner and “DesignGeek” Anne-Marie Concepcion, InDesign Secrets is your one-stop shop for all things InDesign.

Lynda.com + LinkedIn = LinkedIn Learning. We are the leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn creative, business, and technology skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to our video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

MagLoft is a digital publishing solution for indies, publishers, agencies and enterprises. We create native apps for iOS, Android and Web and allow publishers to completely brand their apps. Using MagLoft is very fast and extremely easy. Just upload your PDF or HPUB files (use in5 for InDesign) and let our team take care of all the technical details in getting your branded apps setup. Visit MagLoft today for a special offer for Create Pro Week participants and readers.

Mag+ is a complete ecosystem to create and distribute content for the over one billion mobile devices in the world. Mag+ gives you the tools to create native apps and deliver issue-based content, news, real-time notifications, in-app messaging, and web content.

Mag+ pioneered touchscreen publishing on the first iPad and remains the fastest, simplest publishing platform for creating content for mobile devices. Without coding! For creating custom mobile apps, the Mag+ SDK allows developers to build on top of our core components, saving hundreds of man-hours. Mag+ also offers creative services via Mag+ Studios. Mag+ is headquartered in New York City.

Markzware is a privately-held company based in Santa Ana, California, and is the leading software publisher providing solutions for printing quality control and desktop publishing conversion tools. Markzware supports major graphic software layout applications used by creative professionals, printers and publishers in the international graphic arts, printing and digital multimedia industries.

For over 25 years, MEI has been the trusted provider of smart software solutions for professional content creators. TruEdit®, MEI’s latest offering, enables teams to collaborate from anywhere and deliver to multiple channels everywhere. The TruEdit workflow system enables teams to collaborate in the cloud while producing content destined for print, web and mobile channels — all from a single source of truth.

movemen is the developer of MathTools, formerly also known as InMath, the only Equation Editor that is entirely based on the Adobe InDesign type engine. We also offer custom InDesign Plug-In development and individual in-depth training for InDesign SDK developers.

Pagination.com lets you simply connect any datasource to your custom InDesign layout. The whole process is fully automated and the finished documents are available both in InDesign and PDF formats.

Customers of any size and industry use Pagination to streamline the creation of ready-to-print catalogs, price lists, and line sheets. In the last year only it created more than 3 million pages, for customers all around the globe.

Special CreativePro Week 50% Discount for Pagination.com

We will launch the new Pagination website during the CreativePro Week (22-26 May), we will offer only to CreativePro attendance a 50% annual discount to all the orders confirmed before the 2nd of June.

Pathable offers a complete digital platform for your conferences, including mobile event app, desktop web portal, attendee community, private meeting scheduling tools and event logistics that support attendee engagement across the entire lifecycle of your event.

Recosoft is the creator of PDF2ID®, the best and most popular PDF-to-InDesign conversion plug-in for InDesign; converting PDF, Illustrator and Windows XPS files into editable InDesign documents. Recosoft is also the developer of ID2Office®; the InDesign to Word, PowerPoint and Keynote formats conversion tool; enabling document exchange between InDesign, Microsoft Office and Apple Keynote formats. Recosoft specializes in creating innovative PDF and InDesign centric plug-ins and tools enhancing workflow automation.

Let Ripon’s Team Support Yours. We offer creative professionals the technical guidance to support today’s integrated, multichannel environments. Our experts can provide practical advice that will save you time and money while maximizing the impact of your design. An Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert will help get you over the technical hurdles and assist you in the execution of everything from catalogs and brochures to augmented reality and digital editions.

Rorohiko Workflow Resources offers automation in publishing and graphic design! Having an idea is easy. Realizing an idea is the challenging part. Plans pay off. We can help you with an initial plan and guide you through the next steps. Rorohiko Workflow Resources has developed a whole range of task tools, so you can slash hours of mind numbing work down to minutes.

Enabling the future of innovative communications
There are more ways to communicate with audiences than ever before. The choices you have for managing those projects are an important investment! From creation to engagement, from your desktop to your audience’s mailbox and the inbox, across the web and on mobile. Whatever the channel, we connect your brand to your audience.

From print, grand format, photography or fulfillment, we augment tactics with a consultative approach to help you create, manage, deliver and optimize multichannel marketing that spark conversations. Motivate customers. Build brand loyalty. And grow profits.

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
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Sappi North America, headquartered in Boston, is a market leader in converting wood fiber into superior products that customers demand worldwide. Our high quality Coated Printing Papers, including McCoy, Opus, Somerset and Flo, are the key platform for premium magazines, catalogs, books and high-end print advertising. Our Specialty Packaging products, such as LusterPrint and LusterCote, represent an important asset in the food packaging and labeling industries. Customers rely on Sappi for high technical, operational and market expertise; products and services delivered with consistently high quality and reliability; and, state-of-the-art and cost-competitive assets and innovative spirit. Sappi North America is a subsidiary of Sappi Limited (JSE), a global company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with more than 13,000 employees and manufacturing operations on three continents in seven countries and customers in over 100 countries around the world.

Typefi is the world-leading provider of single-source automated publishing software for print, web and mobile. Typefi, an Adobe Technology Partner, builds software that seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe InDesign Server to speed up content creation, sourcing, and management, enabling customers to deliver compelling content to audiences everywhere while saving 50%–80% in production time and costs.

Learn more and download Typefi’s time-saving InDesign plugins­—AutoFit and Typefitter—at www.typefi.com.