One simple trick to increase productivity?

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What Our Attendees Say

“Every year I attend the conference I walk away with a new technique that cuts down on my production timeline.”

Timothy G LeCroy
Engineering Documentation Project Manager, SKF USA

“I learned real, tangible things that I can take and start using in my work right away. My life just got so much easier, and more efficient.”

Amanda Petersen
Senior Graphic Designer, CDM Smith

Quick Tips

Here’s a taste of some amazing quick productivity tips taken from previous “Three Minutes Max” sessions:

Style an InDesign Page Quickly ft. Laurie Ruhlin

In this quick InDesign tip, Laurie Ruhlin shows how to quickly style an entire page full of text. Using paragraph styles—incorporating the “next style” feature—as well as object styles, she formats her page with just a couple of clicks.

Fill Image to Fit PowerPoint Slide ft. Nolan Haims

In this quick PowerPoint tip, Nolan Haims demos how he fills an image to fit a slide, without going out to Photoshop. This tip comes in handy, especially when converting a presentation with a 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9.

Quick Photoshop Composite Trick ft. Jesús Ramirez

Jesús Ramirez has a little Photoshop fun to show off a trick for a quick face swap! If you’ve ever wanted to put your face on someone else’s body—or a less creepy image manipulation—this trick could certainly come in handy.

Illustrator Color Palette from a Photo ft. Nigel French

Nigel French demonstrates how to make a color palette from a photo in Illustrator. Where many color theme creators only create a five-color palette, Nigel’s method lets you choose as many colors as you want.