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Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard application for making beautiful documents for print and digital publishing. Create rich digital and print experiences, from eBooks and electronic magazines, to books, reports and whitepapers. And create faster and smarter with built-in tools designed for seamless collaboration as well as Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager integrations.

Ajar Productions creates software to improve your life as a designer. The in5 extension from Ajar Productions exports interactive InDesign content in all its glory (buttons, hyperlinks, audio, video, multi-state objects, animation, liquid layout, overlays, and responsive layouts!) to an open format that can be viewed on any device and easily converted to a mobile app. No need to code. Take full advantage of your awesome design skills with a little help from our friendly tools.

Avenza Systems has been developing software tools that have changed the way maps are made, distributed, and consumed for more than 20 years. Our products include industry-standard geospatial mapping software plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud—MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator and Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop. Professionals, cartographers, and graphic designers leverage specialized mapping tools that simplify data-driven workflows and drastically reduce the time required to publish geographically accurate maps. These seamlessly integrated geospatial tools in the Adobe design environment allow designers to easily create beautiful, high-quality maps for print, web, or mobile use.

Cacidi Systems is known for five creative and time-saving products: Cropmarks, Charts, BarCodes, LiveMerge and Extreme. Cacidi Charts creates beautiful world-class charts, including Pie, Column, and Line Scatter Charts. Cacidi BarCodes creates EAN-13, ITF-14, UPC-2, Code-25, and many more. Cacidi Cropmarks, is the most advanced tool for creating any sort of crop, bleed, registration, measurement and even custom text and elements. Cacidi LiveMerge and Cacidi Extreme are both extremely powerful tools for design and data-driven catalogs, price lists, books, and ads.

Certiport is the leading provider of performance-based IT certification exams that accelerate academic and career opportunities for learners. Certiport provides certification development, delivery, and program management services through an expansive network of more than 14,000 Certiport Authorized Testing Centers worldwide. More than 3 million Certiport exams are delivered in 26 languages across 148 countries each year. Certiport is a Pearson VUE business, and is a part of the world’s leading learning company, Pearson.

CI HUB Connector for Adobe cc and Microsoft

We connect with data domains throughout your marketing ecosystems is the philosophy behind CI HUB Connector, an In-APP single source of access to your brands’ digitals assets. Easy, fast and without additional cost.

Our portfolio of data domain partners covers both On-Premise and Cloud-Hosted solutions with data models for, DAM, MAM, PIM, MDM, CMS, in addition to point marketing data solutions we work with Stock providers and cloud storage services.

Together with the system vendors, we are building the best possible connection, and we always motivated by our customers to deliver seamless access to data domain in their marketing ecosystems like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Premiere Pro. And soon in Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel.

Circular Software helps publishers create and share publications to every device and desktop.

CircularFLO converts your content directly from InDesign or PDF ready for Amazon, ebook stores and websites. Use unique tools to add engaging interactivity, web code, read aloud text highlighting and lots of accessibility features.

MasterPlan adds searching and secure presentation of any publication to any webpage. Add single publications or entire libraries to only the websites you choose with full text searching, page previews and direct links.

Connect with our partners to offer direct ebook sales for offline reading or convert from manuscript to professionally narrated audiobooks.

Dataclay was founded in 2014 with a simple but important mission: to free video content creators from the inefficiencies of menial data entry, empowering them to develop greater quantities of higher quality content in less time, and with less cost.

Since then, our mission has broadened to enable new modes of video communication. We want to improve the way video is created and consumed, and we believe in the power of customized video to forge strong connections between video creators and their audiences. These connections facilitate better customer experiences and can enrich the lives of viewers.

InDesignSecrets is the premier source for information about Adobe InDesign. Developed by page-layout guru David Blatner and “DesignGeek” Anne-Marie Concepcion, InDesign Secrets is your one-stop shop for all things InDesign.

Issuu empowers content creators of all types to tell their story with the most powerful digital publishing tools available. Each day, thousands of newly uploaded publications become instantly available to active readers around the world who use Issuu’s site and mobile apps to discover and engage with what they love. With Stories quickly becoming the most impactful media format to connect with and captivate new audiences on mobile and social, the Issuu Story Cloud enables users to transform their ready-made content to Stories in seconds.

Markzware, the developer of Q2ID and FlightCheck is back at CreativePro Week, to introduce IDMarkz, an exciting, new tool for InDesign users and viewers, alike! IDMarkz gives you the ability to preview .indd files and the power to effortlessly transfer these to many other formats. PDF2DTP, the PDF to InDesign converter, will also be on display. With a click, convert multi-page PDF files into new InDesign layouts, with live text, colors, images, etc. Markzware is a privately-held company based in California that develops preflight and conversion solutions for graphic design, publishing and printing, in the international graphic arts fields.

movemen is the developer of InDesign MathTools, formerly also known as InMath, the only Equation Editor that is entirely based on the Adobe InDesign type engine. InDesign MathTools adds text based equation editing capabilities to InDesign to handle MathML, deal with native Word equations, and, to insert, edit and format equations right in the story. InDesign MathTools API is available for integrators. InDesign MathTools training is offered as well.

Pathable offers a complete digital platform for your conferences, including mobile event app, desktop web portal, attendee community, private meeting scheduling tools and event logistics that support attendee engagement across the entire lifecycle of your event.

Premedia Systems is a San Francisco Bay Area-based consultancy that specializes in print and publishing technologies. Premedia Systems has many years of experience helping companies streamline their publishing workflows by automating repetitive tasks. We specialize in automating Adobe software by writing cross-platform scripts, plug-ins, and standalone software applications.

In addition, we have developed a commercially-available application—PDF Comparator. PDF Comparator is a tool for visualizing differences between two PDF pages to ensure that all desired changes were made, and that no unintended changes crept in during the editing cycle. PDF Comparator is available for macOS and Windows, and is in use by over 1,000 users worldwide.

priint:Suite is an enterprise platform that reduces the time to create data driven publications up to 80% and enables creative marketers to focus on being creative.  The platform eliminates the need for data exports, copy/paste, and other mundane repetitive tasks by allowing real time drag and drop to/from InDesign or Illustrator from/to any corporate data system like PIM, eCommerce, CMS, DAM and more.  Automate layouts following business/layout rules without limits on creative freedom.  One can layout entire sections or entire publications in seconds.  Over 400 global and enterprise customers rely on priint:suite’s automation to create publications faster and more cost-effectively.

Rorohiko offers custom development of software for the pre-press and publishing industry. We build solutions large and small, and automate manual tasks around Adobe CC, InDesign, XML, DAM systems, databases, Python, PHP, JavaScript, ExtendScript… Name it, we build it.

Our software solutions can reduce the need for human effort by a factor of 10 to 100. The savings pay back for the investment within months.

We are experts in workflows and rely on a wide range of technologies to suit the specific needs of your project: from simple scripts and plug-ins all the way up to complex workflow systems.

At Santa Cruz Software we connect the Adobe Creative Cloud applications to other Cloud services. LinkrUI synchronizes assets between Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to each other and to Digital Asset Management systems (AEM and Brandfolder) and other hosted storage hubs (Box, Dropbox, Cloudinary). PrintUI provides a panel in InDesign for graphic designers to create branded print, mobile, and web templates that can be customized by non-graphic professionals through an easy to use web browser interface – Dynamic Templates. BrandingUI provides clients a branded portal for online customization so they can plan, execute, and distribute cross-media marketing collateral and campaigns globally.

Founded in 2002, Teacup Software creates solutions exclusively for Adobe InDesign. We are both a consulting firm and a vendor of ready-made plug-ins for InDesign.

As a consulting firm, we have developed complex solutions built around InDesign and InDesign Server using JavaScript, C++, node.js, and more. We are experts in all aspects of InDesign and have helped companies large and small build custom solutions for their specific needs.

Our products include BarcodeMaker, which lets you create and edit barcodes directly in InDesign, and DataLinker, which features database publishing in InDesign.

TRUMATCH is the easy, accurate standard for 4-color matching integrated within Adobe products. Our patented system gives designers the choice of lighter or darker colors without shifting color cast.

TRUMATCH applies the logic and organization of hue/saturation/brightness (HSB) to 4-color space. Process hues are displayed in the order of the spectrum, with 40 smooth, perfectly proportioned tints and shades of each hue, plus 4-color grays.

In 1991, both TRUMATCH and Adobe Photoshop were recognized for breakthrough technology, each winning the prestigious GATF InterTech Award for Innovative Excellence.

The TRUMATCH Colorfinder fanguide is available in coated and uncoated paper editions.


Walsworth Printers specializes in the production and distribution of catalogs, direct mail and digital communications for small and mid-size organizations. We distinguish ourselves through flexible scheduling that meets today’s fast-paced marketing environment, exceptional customer training programs that improve our clients’ productivity, and equipment diversity to handle a wide range of needs. We are large enough to provide high technology solutions and robust production capacity, yet small enough to provide a customer experience that is friendly, efficient, and hassle free. Our goal is to help you expand your business profitably through the smart use of integrated print and digital communications.