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Adobe is a global leader in digital media and digital marketing. We harness our creative DNA to not only enable the creation of beautiful and powerful images, videos, and apps, but also to reinvent how companies interact with their customers across every digital channel and screen. We help creative professionals, publishers, developers, and businesses make, manage, measure, and monetize their content anywhere.

Ajar Productions creates software to improve your life as a designer. The in5 extension from Ajar Productions exports interactive InDesign content in all its glory (buttons, hyperlinks, audio, video, multi-state objects, animation, liquid layout, and overlays) to an open format that can be viewed on any device and easily converted to a mobile app. No need to code. Take full advantage of your awesome design skills with a little help from our friendly tools.

axaio software automates and streamlines output workflow processes in environments working with Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server, InCopy, Illustrator and more. axaio’s tool MadeToPrint vastly enhances the reliability of PDF export through standardization of output steps. Editorial systems, like vjoon K4 or WoodWing Enterprise, can be integrated seamlessly for a status-based output.

Another topic axaio software is focusing on is the generation of accessible PDF documents from within Adobe InDesign. With its plugin MadeToTag, InDesign documents are prepared fast and properly as tagged documents and exported as accessible PDFs, based on the PDF/UA standard.

axaio solutions are used worldwide by advertisement agencies, publishing houses, public agencies, prepress service providers, insurances and packaging.

Em Software is a 3-decade-old company building workflow (WordsFlow, DocsFlow) and data publishing (InData, InCatalog, Xtags) plugins for Adobe InDesign, known for its rock-solid products used at thousands of sites around the world, and for its world-class, personalized support.

Esri’s ArcGIS platform applies The Science of Where™ to connect everyone, everywhere through a common visual language. ArcGIS is used in cities, governments, universities, and Fortune 500 companies in over 350,000 organizations worldwide, combining mapping and data visualization technology to create the maps that run the world.

The Graphic Artists Guild’s primary purpose is to help our members compete effectively in an ever-changing field. We enable graphic artists and other design professionals to build and maintain successful careers by providing skills and support—from advice on the daily tasks of running a creative business to going to bat for our creative community with business and government leaders.

We are committed to welcoming, serving and improving conditions for graphic artists while raising standards for the entire industry. In addition to creative professionals, our members include educators, intellectual property lawyers, artist representatives, and others in related and supporting industries.

InDesignSecrets is the premier source for information about Adobe InDesign. Developed by page-layout guru David Blatner and “DesignGeek” Anne-Marie Concepcion, InDesign Secrets is your one-stop shop for all things InDesign.

LinkedIn + Lynda.com = LinkedIn Learning. For more than 20 years, creative professionals have trusted Lynda.com to bring them training from experts in the creative industry. With over 10,000 expert-led, online courses and video tutorials, LinkedIn Learning combines the depth of the Lynda.com library of video training courses with LinkedIn’s vast professional network. Our data-driven curation delivers the right training to every member through personalized course recommendations. Learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device from industry experts who are passionate about teaching.

MAXON has unveiled Cinema 4D Release 20 (R20), a break-through version of its iconic 3D design and animation software. Release 20 introduces high-end features for VFX and motion graphics artists including volume modeling, a robust CAD import, node-based materials and a dramatic evolution of the MoGraph toolset.

movemen is the developer of MathTools, formerly also known as InMath, the only Equation Editor that is entirely based on the Adobe InDesign type engine. MathTools adds text based equation editing capabilities to InDesign to handle MathML, deal with native Word equations, and, to insert, edit and format equations right in the story. MathTools API is available for integrators.

movemen also offers custom InDesign Plug-In development and individual in-depth training for InDesign SDK developers.

Pathable offers a complete digital platform for your conferences, including mobile event app, desktop web portal, attendee community, private meeting scheduling tools and event logistics that support attendee engagement across the entire lifecycle of your event.

The PDF Association is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with staff in Europe, the US and Australia. We are an international collaboration of member organizations and individuals actively learning from and supporting each other in the development and use of PDF technology. Our membership spans businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individual consultants from over 20 countries world-wide.

We invite developers of PDF solutions; companies that work with PDF in document management and enterprise content management; interested individuals; and users who want to advance their implementation of PDF technology in their organizations, to join, learn from and contribute to our efforts.

Recosoft specializes in creating innovative software and tools for Creative Professionals who depend on the Adobe Creative Cloud platform. Recosoft is the creator of PDF2ID, the best and most popular PDF-to-InDesign conversion plug-in for InDesign. Recosoft is also the developer of ID2Office, the only InDesign to Word, PowerPoint and Keynote formats conversion tool. Finally, Recosoft also creates IR2Office, the Illustrator to PowerPoint and Keynote conversion plug-in which facilitates getting Illustrator content and artboards into common Office applications.

Rorohiko offers custom development of software for the pre-press and publishing industry. We build solutions large and small, and automate manual tasks around Adobe CC, InDesign, XML, DAM systems, databases, Python, PHP, JavaScript, ExtendScript… Name it, we build it.

Our software solutions can reduce the need for human effort by a factor of 10 to 100. The savings pay back for the investment within months.

We are experts in workflows and rely on a wide range of technologies to suit the specific needs of your project: from simple scripts and plug-ins all the way up to complex workflow systems.

SlideModel.com offers a constantly growing Professional PowerPoint Templates gallery, where subscribers can download designs for their presentations and edit them with their content. Our templates are 100% editable, created with PowerPoint shapes allowing the user to fully customize their appearance. The templates are created using designs best practices that guarantee that the presentation will be visually appealing and engaging. The gallery is built over different categories, ranging from very specific templates for business, marketing, strategy and to more general templates as PowerPoint Maps, Tables , Data, Chart and Dashboards. Our subscribers can access anytime to the gallery and download any of our templates. Save time creating your next presentation, visit SlideModel.com