AI Roadmap

Monday, July 08

11:15 am - 12:15 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

AI is like the Wild West right now—a vast, sometimes unruly expanse of potential, just begging to be explored by those eager for adventure. But, just like the Wild West, there is so much still to be discovered, so many methods of exploration, and plenty of outlaws waiting in the wings to take advantage of the unknown.

What if you had a map—a guide of dangerous traps to avoid, locations to refuel, and supportive communities to get you started on your journey? In this session, you’ll gain exactly that to ensure you won’t get lost in the wilderness as you get started on your AI journey.

You’ll learn how to get started in AI, including:

  • Where to find the best AI tools on your journey
  • Which tools matter most and which ones will one day become ghost towns
  • Ethical AI practices to avoid the outlaws
  • Important AI terminology to use so you don’t sound like a city slicker

Sneak Peek:
How to Maintain Design Consistency When Using AI Prompts

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