It’s Not Just for Video:
After Effects for Print and Web

Monday, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

You know Adobe AfterEffects is “like, the coolest animation program,” but did you know if can be used for print design, web graphics, and even HTML5 animations? If you know Photoshop, you already know the basics!

And remember, if you have Creative Cloud, you already have access to this amazing design app.

We’ll explore linking files to an After Effects design, then use the effects panel to enhance, mask, stylize, and transform our images into amazing works or art… in seconds! And once you’ve created some amazing effects, we’ll move the artwork back into a native, fully transparent, layered Photoshop document.

  • How Photoshop and After Effects are similar
  • Learn to import, style, and export artwork in After Effects
  • Create special effects in a fraction of the time
  • Generate textures and natural phenomenon
  • Create illustration elements for your photo composites
  • Tell more compelling stories with your visuals
  • Export your artwork to native Photoshop documents