Automation Bliss: Style Your Unformatted Text in a Snap!

Wednesday, May 11

10:00 am - 11:00 am Washington, DC (UTC-4)

As an InDesign user, have you ever collaborated with content providers whose talents lay in areas other than text formatting? So, when you get their text content, it’s been manually formatted (for font size, bold, colors, etc.)? Are you spending hours reformatting text with paragraph and character styles, just so you can do your job? Is there a better way? YES! This session explores ways to automate this process – even if you need to maintain a live link to the text files!

You’ll learn how to fix your files through:

  • Style mapping from Word
  • Find/Change by format – works for any text, even from other InDesign files!
  • Create and save custom queries
  • Bonus – script options for even more automation!
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