Cleaning Up MS Word Text Messes

Tuesday, 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

Unless you’re the one writing the copy for the InDesign layouts you design, chances are someone else is using MS Word and handing the file off to you to flow in. And there’s the rub: Two different software companies. Two different text engines. Two different ways to format text. And it’s up to you to solve it!

In this fast-paced session, Keith will call on his many years of dealing with all forms of Word insanity, and show you how quickly fix the most common problems that you likely encounter. You’ll be amazed to see how most of the solutions are easy, free, and built right into the program.

  • Importing Word files the smart way: choosing the best options
  • Cleaning up formatting glitches after the first import
  • Dealing with unwanted interlopers like embedded graphics and ugly hyperlinks
  • Suspect the Word file is damaged? There’s a fix for that!