Creative Thinking in Photoshop

Wednesday, July 17

1:27 pm - 1:27 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Creative Thinking in Photoshop:
Flexible Workflow Strategies and Solutions

Tuesday, 2:45 – 3:45 pm

While Photoshop is a creative wonderland, InDesign and Illustrator are natural environments for developing design and illustration because they are object-oriented (vector) applications. Learn strategies and solutions to customize Photoshop so that you can develop a powerful workflow that will allow you to maximize flexibility, encourage experimentation, and help you to generate new and alternate ideas. After a demo of real-time application of a flexible workflow, you’ll:

  • learn how and when to customize key default settings.
  • explore a range of techniques that will help you to avoiding or minimize destructive actions that erase or distort pixels
  • see when to keep your or convert layers as rasters and when you’ll want them to be imported as or converted into Smart Objects

Keeping your files organized you’ll be able to freely experiment with different ways to use adjustment layers, layer comps, layer groups, and masks upon masks, so you can maximize your ability to retouch, transform, and create.

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