Excel Tricks for InDesign Users

Wednesday, 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

Every so often, you have a task in InDesign that could handled easily using the powerful Data tools in Microsoft Excel. Join “MrExcel” (Bill Jelen) as he covers some of his favorite Excel tricks.

  • Embrace VLOOKUP for matching two lists. Quickly find out which items are missing from one list or the other.
  • Do a Mail Merge from Excel data to InDesign. Create a PDF file with one page per row in Excel.
  • Use Flash Fill in Excel to quickly convert a column of text. Make everything Proper case, extract part numbers, or add text to each line.
  • Check out the new Power Query tools (Windows only) for pulling in a list of all images unembedded from InDesign. Sort and Filter by File Size. Massage data from hundreds of text files into a single list.