Five Delicious Photoshop Recipes

Monday, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

A collection of the hottest, juiciest photoshop recipes. Step by step instructions on how to bake up some of the most popular effects on the web and in print today. As you join Colin in the Photoshop kitchen, discover exactly how to reproduce the most requested effects. Along the way, you will be fed a constant stream of tips and time saving tricks. This one will keep you the edge of their seat, and fill your head with exciting new ideas. 1 part, information, 1 part inspiration, with just a dash of fun, is the best way to cook up this session.

Learn the best way to…

  • Make type readable on difficult backgrounds (and still look good)
  • Convert a photo to black and white and make the details pop, even without color
  • Add Type to any surface and make it look like it was part of the object to start with
  • Explode your images with energy with the Pixel dispersion effect
  • Quickly Create highly visual images with blending modes and masks

This is one session, you won’t want to miss!