Russell Viers

ARCHIVE: This session was presented at CreativePro Week 2020.

InDesign: Long Documents, Reports, and Proposals

Thursday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Central

Russell Viers has learned a thing-or-two about working with longer documents in InDesign! In this session, he’ll share some of the valuable tips and techniques he’s learned over the years to make designing and producing long, repetitive, or complex documents easier, faster, and with less headaches.

Topics will include:

  • General shortcuts for speed you should be using
  • Really useful Master Page tricks
  • Why “Keep Options” should be your best friend
  • Tips for anchoring objects to the text flow
  • Table of content tips
  • Best practices for creating and applying styles
  • Using Object styles, Snippets, and Libraries for repetitive page elements