The Magic of Anchored Objects

Tuesday, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The struggle is real. You’ve been asked to create a pictorial directory, with a photo of each entry next to the name. You create paragraph styles and format the text, then place the photo and manually position it next to the name. You repeat for 100+ names. Then someone with the last name Blatner or Concepcion (at the beginning of the alphabet of course!) is added to the list. Now you have to manually move each photo down and possibly to the next page, then match up the photos with the names.
The answer? Anchor that photo into the text to which it belongs. Now, any names added or deleted will not only move the names, but the photos as well. This session is a must for anyone creating catalogs or manuals using threaded text with graphics which must remain fixed to a specific paragraph.
Laurie will share real world struggles and solutions using Anchored Objects, such as:
  • Hang a photo or icon next to a topic in a training manual.
  • Anchor an icon or graphic inside of a table cell.
  • Anchor a photo in a story and control the Text Wrap.
  • Anchor a quote or comment box into a story.
  • Create an Object Style to anchor a graphic to the exact location desired in one click.