New Web-based Collaboration Services for Publishing Teams

Thursday, 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Despite the hoopla about CMS's and proprietary publishing systems, most of us in the trenches are still putting publications together the old-fashioned way: Microsoft Word files flowed into InDesign, print or PDF proofs circulated around the players, and updates to content delivered back to production by attachments to email (or written out in the email itself!).  It's prone to errors. It's so slow. And it's so aggravating!

Join Anne-Marie in this lively session as she runs through a bunch of solutions that she and her cost-conscious publishing clients are putting to use today. Production turnaround times are slashed and users are amazed at how easily many problems can be solved using software already on hand or available at little or no cost.

  • Using Dropbox and other file-sharing services instead of a dedicated file server
  • The hidden features of Google Docs that can supplement your workflow
  • Quick Word file clean-ups to minimize formatting trouble in InDesign
  • Amazing InDesign plug-ins that allow concurrent, collaborative workflows
  • When Adobe InCopy is a good solution for your company (and when it's not)