Laurie Ruhlin

ARCHIVE: This session was presented at CreativePro Week 2019 in Seattle.

Object Styles: Your Secret Weapon for Productivity

Tuesday, 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

You ask, why would I bother to create and use an object style? My answer: why would you not?! Object styles tell a frame how to look — stroke & fill, effects, size, position, etc and can also format what’s inside, both text and graphics. Object styles can save you an enormous amount of time applying formatting and especially when you or the client makes a change. We’ll create an Object Style for a simple photo frame, then step it up to create an organizational chart, complete with paragraph styles and box sizes, making the frames easy to create and modify. We’ll explore cool positioning tricks, as well as how to apply effects and text wrap and save them all in an Object Style.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to make and apply an Object Style
  • Resize the photo that’s inside a frame
  • Apply text frame attributes and multiple paragraph styles in one click
  • Anchor a frame into text, then use an Object Style to precisely position it
  • Cool tricks & shortcuts for creating and applying an Object Style
  • You’ll leave wondering why you haven’t created more Object Styles!