Solving Real World Problems in Illustrator

Wednesday, July 17

1:14 pm - 1:14 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Solving Real World Problems in Illustrator

Monday, 10:15 am – 12:00 pm

“I just need this quick change.” It’s something we hear from clients and peers all the time in our positions as commercial creatives. Or, “that didn’t come out right!” and again we are thrust into a position of problem solving. That’s what commercial creative professionals do, we solve problems. But less like a Superhero with special powers we rely on the blend of our tools and experience with some quick thinking. In this session we’ll talk about features in Adobe Illustrator that can really help with certain types of production and design challenges. Things like:

  • Creative Solutions for type that protect your ability to edit
  • Produce assets so they are legacy ready for any changes in the future
  • Making rapid updates to layouts, or graphics, during the “fire drill”
  • Drawing without the pen
  • Using features to help you play creatively building ideas and concepts
  • Building assets for your team workflow

Collecting a database of questions from real world professionals working in the field, we’ll share the solutions that we’ve offered to peers like yourself at some of the biggest and littlest companies around the globe.

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