Clint Loveman

Clint leads a cross-disciplinary team that designs and developments map-based information products. He has 20 years of experience in the graphic design and mapping industry. During that time, he’s supported some of the most well-known organizations in both the private and public-sectors including; NOAA, USGS, Swiss Federal Office of Topography (SwissTopo), National Geographic, Nike, CBRE and USA Today.

His team supports both project and product business lines; creating client specific data viz solutions and product/feature development for Esri. Clint’s personal production experience includes creating maps and charts for both web and print media. He’s dabbled in freelance design as well, however his friends and families’ budgets don’t allow him to quit his day job. He likes design, dev, UI/UX, sci-fi, hockey, running, music, and other things he’s not always great at…but hopes to be someday.

Clint’s session:


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