Darlene Shelton

Darlene Shelton is a Keynote master. She has learned the ins and outs of presentation design through her 11 years at Duarte. Working primarily with the world’s largest “fruit” company, Darlene can attest to the power of systems and organization in keeping her sanity through countless events and product launches.

Darlene is an experienced trainer in Keynote and presentation design workflow. She produces in-house training videos and extensive materials to assist in major event preparations, when her team needs to quickly scale up to meet the needs of the client. Darlene’s passion lies in the details and she makes sure to share that enthusiasm with any designers she has worked with or trained. You will find Darlene is an open book when it comes to sharing what she has learned throughout her career.

Darlene is originally from the Monterey Bay and now lives in the Pacific Northwest, in the beautiful city of Tacoma, where she continues to support Duarte from home. Her hobbies include illustration, photography, playing the guitar very badly, and hiking with her husband and dogs. Darlene is also a budding stand up comedian, attending open mics throughout Tacoma.

Darlene’s session:


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