Mark Heaps

Mark Heaps is the Vice President of Brand & Creative for Groq Inc., an AI accelerator startup based in silicon valley. Formerly the Executive Creative Director for his wife’s agency Heaps LLC, he has served dozens of clients from the Fortune 500 list including Adobe, Dell, Apple, Google, and many more. He is a published author, Adobe MAX Masters award recipient, and public speaker. His passion is design advocacy with a focus on working happy, not harder. Working alongside some of the industry best, today he is driven to help empower others on their journey to become a Professional Creative. If he’s not pushing pixels or crafting vectors, you can likely hear him playing music, riding motorcycles, hiking with his family, or putting too much ketchup on foods that would baffle or offend others.

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  • Working Happier Not Harder with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Three Minutes Max: Photoshop + Illustrator
  • Three Minutes Max: PowerPoint
  • Google Slides: What You Gotta Know
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