Richard Turner-Jones

Richard is a bit of a renaissance man when it comes to all things Adobe, with expertise across the Creative, Document and Experience Clouds. By understanding not only how they work but how they can work together, he has developed workflow solutions for organizations across the legal, commercial, government and education sectors, including Airservices Australia, Caterpillar Inc., and the Australian Defence Forces, to name but a few.

Whether scripting within the design tools, adding functionality to Acrobat Forms via JavaScript, extending the AEM platform, or integrating the various cloud APIs, he thrives on the challenge of finding solutions to streamline client creative pipelines.

For nearly three decades he has tinkered, hacked or just plain read the manual to expand this product knowledge, and with a desire to share this experience is why he’s also engaged as a freelance trainer and has lost count of the number of times a student has uttered the phrase: “I didn’t know It could do that”!



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