Robin Schneider

Robin Schneider is the Reigning Queen of Adobe for Fashion with 8 Illustrator and Photoshop for Fashion courses on Linked In Learning. She has trained designers at top companies including Juicy Couture and Liz Clayborne; and is the co-owner of Belden Schneider Studio, a Los Angeles based textile print design studio specializing in repeats, color reduction, and recoloring.

Robin is currently teaching at UCLA, Otis College of Art and Design, and recording tutorials for her YouTube channel. Her Adobe for Fashion: Illustrator textbook is being used at fashion schools around the world and she is frantically hard at work on her Photoshop book and new courses for LinkedIn Learning.

She has a dog named Sadie who doesn’t care about any of this and 3 cats that think Zooms should be all about them.

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