Thomas Phinney

Thomas Phinney is The Font Detective, as well as CEO of FontLab, the company whose font design tools have been used to create most of the world’s retail fonts. He is a type designer (Adobe Original Hypatia Sans, Cristoforo), and was the first Adobe employee to have both design and technology patents (four so far). A “big three” auto maker and a major California city are among his many expert witness clients. Last year Thomas gave sworn testimony in a lawsuit against Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am. He has also been consulted on questioned documents by The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News, PBS television’s History Detectives, BBC News, NPR, the US Treasury, and many others. Since 2004, Thomas has served on the board of ATypI, the global typographic organization. Preparation for his career included an MS in printing and typography from the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

You can learn more about Thomas on or @ThomasPhinney

Thomas’ session:


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