Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer, also known as The Design Ninja, is a creative Swiss-army-knife and learning-content author with over four decades of experience in the creative world. Currently serving as the Chief Entertainment Officer of DN:TV, Tony has a diverse background that includes working as a press operator, concept artist in IP development, and designer/illustrator. He has also been a regular contributing writer for Computer Arts, creating engaging articles and videos on InDesign and Photoshop projects.

Tony’s impressive list of certifications reflects his expertise and reputation as a respected instructor in numerous applications. He has conducted graphic production and animation training worldwide, which ultimately led to his employment as a specialist solutions consultant at Adobe. During his tenure, he worked closely with major brands and design companies, contributing to their workflows. Although he left Adobe in 2018, Tony maintains his connection to the company as a guest and host on Adobe Live in the UK and USA.

As an author, Tony has created several popular video titles for LinkedIn Learning, attracting over 2.2 million learners. He is also an avid live-streamer, regularly streaming weekly.

Tony’s captivating speaking style and offbeat sessions have earned him popularity as a speaker and presenter. His sessions are filled with a wealth of tips, techniques, insights, and inspirations, delivered with a contagious sense of humor and enthusiasm.

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