InDesign—The “Right” Way

You get there in the end, but is it always in the most efficient way? Under the hood, would your InDesign documents stand up to scrutiny? If there are serious edits to be made, would your document fall down like a house of cards? This session looks at ways to make InDesign’s document infrastructure and automation features work for you, not against you, and is for novices—as well as seasoned users who secretly suspect there is a better way.

  • Banish repetitive drudgery
  • Boss your text flow
  • Keep your documents tidy and problem free

25 Years of Timeless Tips and Tricks

Since 1999, CreativePro has been dishing out amazing tips and tricks to help graphic designers work more efficiently, be more creative, and have more fun. In this session, CreativePro Editor in Chief Mike Rankin will share his favorite tips that have stood the test of time. This is no trip down Memory Lane; these tips are all just as cool and useful today as when they were first published.

This session includes awesome productivity tips for:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Acrobat

GREP: You Know You Need This

GREP is one of the most powerful features in InDesign, but sadly it’s one of the least used! In this introductory session, Erica Gamet will get you up to speed with this amazing tool for finding, changing, and formatting text patterns.

You’ll learn essential GREP techniques, such as:

  • The basics of creating an expression to easily find and format text
  • Finding a range of characters
  • Automatically formatting specific text within a paragraph style, such as fractions, keywords, or a company name

Grids: The Backbone of Design

We know we should be using grids in our designs, but which ones? How do you choose? Where do you even start? Join Nigel as he shares invaluable insights, practical tips, and real-world examples to demystify the complexities of grid-based design. By the end of the session, you’ll not only understand the importance of grids but also be equipped to use them strategically for visually stunning and harmonious layouts.

You’ll learn:

  • The different kinds of grid: document, layout, baseline, and how to combine them
  • Strategies for working with grids in InDesign, as well as Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Creative ways to break the grid for added impact

Taking the Fear Out of InDesign and Illustrator Scripts

A carefully curated collection of scripts is guaranteed to up your game in both InDesign and Illustrator. In this session, you’ll discover how easy it is to find, install, and use an enormous variety of helpful scripts for both InDesign and Illustrator.

You’ll learn:

  • The easy way to reliably download and install any script in InDesign or Illustrator
  • The quickest way to run a script in InDesign or Illustrator
  • The best places to look online for high-quality, useful scripts
  • How to get started customizing scripts to adapt them for your needs

Game-Changing Techniques for Anchored Objects and Object Styles in InDesign

This session is a must for anyone creating catalogs, manuals, or working with threaded text and related, location-specific graphics. It includes practical and imaginative tips for working with anchored objects in InDesign will save you a ton of time and completely blow your mind.

Laurie will share real-world problems and their anchored-object solutions, such as how to:

  • Hang a photo or icon next to a topic in a manual
  • Anchor an icon or graphic inside a table cell
  • Anchor a photo in a story and control the text wrap
  • Anchor a quote or comment box into a story
  • Create an object style that will allow you to anchor graphics precisely with one click

Three Minutes Max: InDesign

This crowd favorite is back and better than ever! Don’t miss this fun-filled, action-packed, highly educational, and mind-blowing session where each of our instructors will have just three minutes to share their favorite InDesign tip—then you get to vote for your favorite!

In past years, some of the best tips have been held for this session, so you don’t want to miss it!

Bullets and Numbering in InDesign

You’ve found the buttons to apply bullets and/or numbering to your lists in InDesign, but getting them to behave the way you want can be wildly frustrating… until you learn the secrets in this session! Join Laurie Ruhlin as she demystifies this crucial InDesign skill.

Topics include:

  • Tricks and essential tips for applying bullets and numbering to all your lists
  • Understanding the power of Space Between Paragraphs Using Same Style
  • Create a character style to color a bullet or change a font
  • Control the numbering of figures or graphics

Problem Solving with AI in InDesign

Believe it or not—in addition to all the other apps, AI can also help you shine—in InDesign! With intelligent features that have existed for awhile, such as Subject-Aware Text Wrap, Content-Aware Fit, and newer innovations, your workflow is about to get a major boost. Don’t miss this session with Jason Hoppe for an insightful look at clever ways AI could be making your life easier in InDesign.

Demystifying Table and Cell Styles

Are you tired of wrestling with data tables in your design projects? Join us for an illuminating presentation that unravels the mysteries of InDesign’s tables and transforms your relationship with data-driven design. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, this session offers invaluable insights that will streamline your workflow.