Microsoft Lunch Session: PowerPoint Copilot

This session is sponsored by Microsoft.

Come learn more about PowerPoint Copilot and how we imagine using AI to enable our customers to tell their best stories.

Microsoft Breakfast Session: Generative Design Tools with the AI First Microsoft Designer

This session is sponsored by Microsoft.

Let’s get our hands dirty. In this session, you will see a few of the most popular generative text and visual tools included in Microsoft Designer. Whether you are a designer, creative or a business owner, these powerful tools can take your designs to the next level.

Making Magic in PowerPoint

They say a magician never reveals their secrets, but “they” never attended a CreativePro event! In this session, Nolan Haims reveals the techniques behind the magic he creates in PowerPoint. You’ll learn surprising tips and tricks that will leave your audience (and fellow designers) asking, “How’d you do that?!”

Topics include:

  • The ins and outs (and secrets) of the Morph transition
  • How to turn PowerPoint into a video production tool with overlays and triggers
  • How to transform a dreary slide of bullet points into something design-worthy in a matter of seconds
  • The amazing power of Merge Shapes

Victory with Vectors in PowerPoint

Learn about the power and awesomeness of vector graphics in PowerPoint. Use simple vector elements to make professional PowerPoint slides and graphics in minutes. Geek out with pro tips and techniques to make your job easier and to blow everyone away with incredible new skills.

Topics include:

  • Understanding vector graphics
  • Making professional quality graphics
  • Using vectors to cut out photos fast
  • Knowing where to go to get quality vector graphics

Wow ’em with PowerPoint

What do you get when you use standard PowerPoint features in imaginative ways? Some serious WOW, that’s what! PowerPoint legend Jole Simmons shares his tips and tricks for pulling off some amazing feats that will leave your audience (and everyone else) wondering how you did it!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create complex scenes effortlessly using animation and a little bit of creativity
  • Think differently and still “wow” your audience when presenting data and content rich slides
  • Combine vector illustrations, video, and other media to make amazing, drool-worthy slides

Three Minutes Max: PowerPoint

This crowd favorite is back! Don’t miss this fun-filled, action-packed, highly-educational, and mind-blowing session: Three Minutes Max!

Each of our instructors will have no more than three minutes to share their favorite PowerPoint tip—then you get to vote for your favorite!

In past years, some of the best tips have been held for this session… so you don’t want to miss it!

Using Adobe CC with PowerPoint and Google Slides

Designers who use PowerPoint or Google Slides and Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps shouldn’t miss this in-depth tip-fest for getting all these tools to work together.

You’ll learn:

  • Yes, you can have editable vectors from Illustrator!
  • Photoshop Layers for PowerPoint animated builds
  • Understanding workflow with Image Modes and more
  • Iterating with Graphic Styles for PowerPoint Templates and Systems
  • PowerPoint Add-ins from Adobe
  • Some of Mark’s favorite tricks!

Incredible Infographics

In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn to turn words and ideas into clear, compelling infographics. Get curated inspiration and step-by-step instructions. Discover tools and techniques to render your new infographics. You’ll learn to go beyond pretty pictures, and focus on goals, messaging, content, and story to engage your audience instantly.

Discover how to:

  • Make your audience hungry to learn
  • Improve audience understanding, recollection, and adoption
  • Quickly turn words and ideas into engaging infographics
  • Get your infographics right the first time

PowerPoint for InDesign Users: Get Up to Speed Fast

PowerPoint is the app that creative pros love to hate. And yet, we all have to use it sooner or later! The big secret is that once you learn how PowerPoint works, you’ll find it’s actually incredibly powerful and can perform some tasks even better than Adobe’s tools. If you’ve ever feared or hated PowerPoint… if you’ve ever made a presentation in InDesign or Photoshop because you didn’t want to face PowerPoint… take this opportunity to get to know it a little better. Step up your game and embrace the tool of choice for professional presentation designers: PowerPoint. The more you know, the more fun it is!

Learn awesome stuff, including how to:

  • Make use of professional fonts and control typography
  • Set up a design grid and color palette in minutes
  • Make the most of vector graphics
  • Take advantage of Creative Cloud and your favorite stock libraries without ever leaving PowerPoint
  • Discover how and why you may want to use PowerPoint for print (yes, print!) documents

PowerPoint and Accessibility

PowerPoint presentations are just a fact of life. However, making them accessible can be a struggle. It’s time to supercharge your skills for creating accessible PowerPoint presentations that reach more of your audience regardless of their abilities. We’ll cover the fundamentals of accessible presentation design including:

  • Presentation layouts and color
  • Program barriers to watch out for
  • Accessible video and audio
  • Converting presentations to PDF
  • Tips for giving a more accessible presentation