Microsoft Lunch Session: PowerPoint Copilot

This session is sponsored by Microsoft.

Come learn more about PowerPoint Copilot and how we imagine using AI to enable our customers to tell their best stories.

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Walsworth Breakfast Session: Make the Prepress Process Smoother

This session is sponsored by Walsworth.

InDesign has powerful built-in preflight capabilities which helps you achieve better results, greater time savings, and lower production costs. The Preflight Panel alerts you to potential production problems in real time—directly within your layout. We will also cover PDF Export settings including whether to convert RGB to CMYK.

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Adobe Lunch Session: Creativity in the Blink of an AI: Preparing Designers for Tomorrow

This session is sponsored by Adobe.

Technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are hurtling the design industry forward into uncharted territory. So what do you need to know about current trends, technologies, and tools that will best prepare you for the future? In this presentation, Adobe’s Danielle Morimoto will show the latest tools and generative AI technologies that you need to know today as a creative to help set you up for success tomorrow.

Microsoft Breakfast Session: Generative Design Tools with the AI First Microsoft Designer

This session is sponsored by Microsoft.

Let’s get our hands dirty. In this session, you will see a few of the most popular generative text and visual tools included in Microsoft Designer. Whether you are a designer, creative or a business owner, these powerful tools can take your designs to the next level.

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The Art of Direction

So, you know your way around the various Adobe apps and have years of experience as a veteran designer. Now what? Maybe you’ve thought about transitioning to a Director role at some point, but the specifics of what’s involved and how to get there can feel ambiguous—at best. What does an Art Director or Creative Director really do, exactly? And what skills do you need to make that transition or thrive in these roles? Being a Director is about more than just software prowess and involves an essential mix of soft skills to effectively succeed. Vince Wanga, award-winning creative executive and former VP & Head of Creative for an Inc. 5000 Technology startup, shares his time-tested insights and personal anecdotes to candidly illuminate what it takes to not only make the transition to Director—but to excel at it.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Tips to level up to the roles of Art Director/Creative Director
  • Specific skills that are needed to thrive in those roles
  • How to effectively build & manage a creative team
  • How to effectively mentor new talent
  • Techniques to nurture your team’s creativity & culture

PageProof Breakfast Session: The #1 Game-changer for Design Teams

This session is sponsored by PageProof

In this dynamic presentation, we explore why online proofing is the #1 game-changer for design teams in our ever-evolving digital world. Harness the power of platforms like PageProof to transform the way you handle feedback and approvals, resulting in faster delivery of brand-compliant content. Discover the versatility of online proofing, including support for a wide range of media: artwork, documents, presentations, design prototypes, videos, podcasts, HTML emails, websites, and more. Delve into the user-friendly proofing experience to discover powerful features that enhance your efficiency, including the invaluable Adobe extension. Seize the potential of online proofing and revolutionize the way you work.

Branding: The Inside Story

Steve Forbes (editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine) once said “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” Take a journey with branding strategist Nicte Cuevas and CreativePro president David Blatner as they explore the history and making of a brand.

Stop Their Scroll

Ready to create images and graphics so compelling that they stop viewers mid-scroll? In this session, you’ll learn how to take advantage of motion, color, and a touch of playfulness to create irresistible social media content.

Join Kladi as she walks you through the essential steps to create exciting content, including:

  • Setting up a ready-for-animation workspace in Photoshop
  • Creating assets to animate in Illustrator
  • Leveraging the power of CC Libraries to update, store, and edit your project assets
  • Working with animation and video in Photoshop

Closing Session

It’s time to bring this five-day CreativePro extravaganza to a close. Join us for one last opportunity to catch a tip, win a prize, and learn what’s next on the horizon.

Masters of the Craft

What better way to end CreativePro Week than to sit back and enjoy this review of inspirational artistry and design, brought to you by one of our European experts who has seen it all. But don’t worry: He’ll be including some last-minute “how-to” tips and tricks to help you get the most out of all your creative apps.

You’ll see:

  • Inspiring examples of how well-known artists create their amazing work
  • How these artists use creative desktop and mobile apps in their workflow—and how you can too!
  • How experimentation fosters creativity
  • Lots of tips and tricks!