Converting Your InDesign Files to Powerpoint and Word

Wednesday, 10:15 am – 10:45 am

Let’s face it! Microsoft Office is one of the biggest software systems on the planet, the most common tool used by clients, managers, and organizations. Yet many design and production pros avoid it like the plague, sticking with Adobe programs, and if a client wants something to distribute, they can use the PDF you provided.

I’ll show you how you can bridge the gap, by taking your beautifully- and thoughtfully-designed InDesign projects and converting them into usable, editable Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files that your clients can run with. My methods don’t require any extra third-party software, all conversions are done natively using the features already built into the software.

  • The main similarities and differences “under the hood” of Adobe InDesign and Word/Powerpoint
  • Font and image format considerations
  • What to do with master pages
  • Maintaining text formatting

If you have to create or convert your designs for business clients, this might be the session that gets rid of your stress and improves your output!