Erica Gamet

Erica Gamet

ARCHIVE: This session was presented at CreativePro Week 2019 in Seattle.

Design in Motion: Video Techniques and Tools Every Designer Can Master Quickly

Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Does the word “video” strike fear in your heart? Does the idea of making your designs move frighten you? Many designers either let that fear hold them back.

Don’t feel like you have to master shooting, recording, and editing to add video content to your projects! Adding “movement” (makes it less scary, right?) to your digital toolbox will add variety and enhance your designs and will make you even more valuable to your company and clients. Even if someone else will supply much of your video content, knowing what’s possible and how to incorporate that media will ultimately benefit you and your company!

In this 3-hour course we will:

  • Explore the different roles that video and movement can play in your designs
  • Look at some tools to start incorporating video into your projects (you already have some of them!)
  • Dip our toes into editing
  • Examine using video for social media
  • Realize that video doesn’t have to be a scary concept