eBooks Beyond the Basics

Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

You already know how to export an EPUB from InDesign. So what comes next? This workshop will be a deep dive into some of the more complex issues in reflowable and fixed-layout EPUB – a full set of 2017 best practices for creating accessible EPUBs with rich navigation and a next-level reading experience.

Partly in InDesign and partly in the code, this will be a hands-on look at next-level EPUBs including topics like semantic markup, accessibility, images, CSS, media queries, navigation, and troubleshooting.

Come prepared to get your hands dirty in messy code – and to figure out how to tame it!

  • EPUB3: where are we now? Is there any reason to export as EPUB2?
  • What is semantic markup? Tips for exporting the best HTML from ID, and improving it post-export
  • Scripts, code editors and other tools
  • Building one file to rule them all
  • Tools for troubleshooting
  • Future-proofing markup into your development process