Hands-On Design

Friday, July 12

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Isn’t it funny how in the early days of digital imagery, photos were so heavy on grain that they struggled to compete—and now we’re in a place where we add grain to generated images to make them appear more analog? Oh, how the pendulum swings! While it’s much easier these days to move more fluidly between the digital realm and the analog world, it’s also incredibly easy to get stuck in the precise, pixel-perfect world of our screens. Consider this session a respite from your everyday grind and a chance to slow down, embrace imperfection, and create with your hands—no mouse or tablet necessary.

You’ll (re)discover:

  • The sensory joy of hands-on creation and the unique artistic expressions afforded by analog tools
  • Analog media as a catalyst for ideation and creativity
  • Delightful ways analog elements can enhance your digital projects.
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