Object Styles: The Secret Power Tool

Wednesday, May 11

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Object styles tell a text frame, graphic frame, or path how to look and behave—stroke & fill, effects, size, position, etc. They can also format the content inside those frames—both text and pictures. Object styles can save you an enormous amount of time applying formatting—especially when you or the client makes a change. If you’re not using object styles now, you will after this session!

We’ll create an object style for a simple photo frame, then step it up to create an organizational chart, complete with paragraph styles and box sizes, making the frames easy to create and modify. We’ll explore cool size and positioning tricks, as well as how to apply effects and text wrap with our saved object styles.

Topics include:

  • Making and applying object styles
  • Why to use an object style for parent (master) page header graphics
  • Applying effects and text wrap
  • Making rollover buttons easily with object styles
  • Resizing a photo inside a frame
  • Applying text frame attributes and multiple paragraph styles with one click
  • Using object styles to position anchored frames
  • Cool tricks & shortcuts for creating and applying object styles
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