Keynote: Type and Typography… More, Better, Easier

Thursday, 9:15 am – 10:00 am

Type is at the core of everything we do, and yet we too often neglect to stop and reflect on it. Join the director of Adobe Type on a journey that will amuse, educate, and inspire you to see everyday type in a new way—and perhaps even excite you to use some new, extraordinary type, too! Combining the rich history of type with a bit of insider knowledge from a decade or so inside the type industry, Dan will explore the evolution of fonts and how we use them, as well as how Adobe Typekit and the Adobe Type team are trying to make your life and work easier.

Dan studied to be a graphic designer as the industry was transitioning from analogue to digital methods, and dove headfirst in the ensuing challenges by taking a job as an in-house typesetter for a university press. Throughout a checkered career as typesetter, graphic designer, developer of typesetting software, and typeface designer, he has been on the front lines of typographic practice and font management, and doing his best to help others do the same.