PWP: The Future of Digital Books (#notjustbooks)

Thursday, 11:15 am – 11:45 am

“We dream of a world where books, and indeed all kinds of publications, are first-class citizens of the web. From novels to textbooks, from journal articles to corporate memos, from newsletters to manga, publications are everywhere… Web publications [should be able to] work online or offline. Web publications can be accessible, linkable, and annotatable.”
—PWP Working Group, W3C

Today, books, magazines, documents and most forms of publications are certainly not “first-class citizens of the web” — whether they be PDFs, EPUBs or mobis. Fortunately, the standard-bodies who brought us the Web and EPUB (W3C and IDPF) have combined, and one result is the development of the Web Publications (WP) and Packaged Web Publications (PWP) formats.

Join Leonard Rosenthol, Adobe’s representative to the PWP working group, as he explains the thinking behind this new generation of publication and how it differs from web pages, EPUBs and PDFs that we know today.