The Power of Print

Thursday, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

At a time when it seems the entire world is banging the drum for digital marketing, there’s a surprising strategy that is proven to beat digital time after time. That strategy is print. Whether it’s consumer preference, trust, privacy, response, recall, or one of many other measures, print comes out on top. Join us on a fascinating journey to learn how to take advantage of print’s strengths to get ahead of the competition. We’ll share compelling case studies and statistics and give tips and techniques for making your print materials off-the-charts engaging, and prove that print combined with digital forms of marketing is a recipe for success. This highly visual and inspiring presentation is chock-full of ideas, strategies and print “eye candy” for attendees who operate on either end of the budget spectrum.
Take aways:
  • Clever strategies for adding print into your marketing mix
  • Proven techniques for leveraging technology with print
  • Hard proof of print’s power and dominance as a marketing tool
  • Real-world solutions to suit any budget