Retouching Images

Monday, May 09

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Speed up your retouching using some extremely powerful Photoshop tips and techniques. AI Technology is revolutionizing the way we retouch and you should be aware of all the time saving techniques Photoshop is silently integrating into their tools. Join retoucher Kristina Sherk as she shows you some of the new ways Photoshop is integrating AI technology into their interface and how these improvements are guaranteed to save you time.

We’ll cover:

  • Making a plan of attack, how marking up can increase your workspeed
  • Clean up methods that are fast and easy
  • Take out objects in a snap
  • Using Frequency Separation (don’t be scared, we’ll make it easy)
  • Color: Matching made simple, Adding Color effects
  • Shaping
  • Using Photoshop plug-ins to cut down on your editing time.
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