Setting Up InDesign to Be the Hub of Multi-Channel Publishing

Thursday, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Digital book production is usually done separately from print production. This means that every digital format — EPUB, Kindle .mobi, App data package, web content — has to be created separately, and becomes yet another product to maintain. In short, digital is alienated from print. What would it mean if the digital versions of a product could be created automatically from the print version? Peace, harmony, and unity? At least we could cut down on frustration, tedium, and mistakes!

In this practical workshop, we will lay out the path to integrate digital book production into the existing print production workflow. There are several milestones that we will examine on this path, including:

  • Preparing the InDesign book interior for digital production
  • Styles, not overrides
  • Bookmarks for document structure
  • Dynamic endnotes using cross-references
  • Conditions to differentiate digital content from print content
  • Articles to organize complex content for digital output
  • Image handling
  • Curating the book files as a “canonical living source” for both print and digital products
  • Preparing digital publications from the book source files