Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson

@Mike_Parkinson is a geek. He is 1 of 36 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world, is an internationally recognized communication and presentation expert, best-selling author, and professional trainer. Mike’s keynotes, training, books (“Billion Dollar Graphics” and “A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters.”), and tools (Build-a-Graphic.com) help companies succeed while saving money and time. He owns Billion Dollar Graphics and is a partner at 24 Hour Company, a premier creative services firm.

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Steve Wishman

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Steve Wishman is a 20 year veteran of presentation design, with a unique focus on motion-based visual storytelling. After holding art director roles at Duarte Inc. and Prezi, he went on to form Moon Mission LLC, a creative consultancy that specializes in pitch decks and explainer videos for startups in search of funding.


Howard Pinsky

Howard Pinsky has been teaching design for more than a decade, and is now a Senior XD Evangelist with Adobe, where he shares his UI/UX knowledge and experience with the designer community through videos, live streams, and creative events.

Howard’s session:

    Darlene Shelton

    Darlene Shelton is a Keynote master. She has learned the ins and outs of presentation design through her 11 years at Duarte. Working primarily with the world’s largest “fruit” company, Darlene can attest to the power of systems and organization in keeping her sanity through countless events and product launches.

    Darlene is an experienced trainer in Keynote and presentation design workflow. She produces in-house training videos and extensive materials to assist in major event preparations, when her team needs to quickly scale up to meet the needs of the client. Darlene’s passion lies in the details and she makes sure to share that enthusiasm with any designers she has worked with or trained. You will find Darlene is an open book when it comes to sharing what she has learned throughout her career.

    Darlene is originally from the Monterey Bay and now lives in the Pacific Northwest, in the beautiful city of Tacoma, where she continues to support Duarte from home. Her hobbies include illustration, photography, playing the guitar very badly, and hiking with her husband and dogs. Darlene is also a budding stand up comedian, attending open mics throughout Tacoma.

    Darlene’s session:

      Colin Flashman

      With over 20 years experience in prepress for offset, digital and flexographic printing, Colin Flashman is a prepress operator for Openbook Howden Print & Design in Adelaide, South Australia.

      A previous speaker at PePcon 2016 and The InDesign Conference 2016, he has also spoken at previous CreativePROWeeks at the Ignite and CreativeWOW sessions. An Adobe Community Professional, he also runs his own “Colecandoo” prepress blog and YouTube channel, contributes to both InDesignSecrets.com and InDesign Magazine, and is an InDesign javascripter.

      Colin’s sessions:

        Jason Hoppe

        Jason Hoppe

        Jason Hoppe has been teaching graphic design and production for over 20 years in Seattle. He began his education when paste up and traditional production was transitioning to the computer and embraced the earliest computers and technology. He earned a degree in Advertising and Production and a BFA degree in Swiss Graphic Design.

        Being an early adopter of computers, he began using Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark and Pagemaker when they first came out. He moved from NY to Seattle to work in the advertising world and escape the cold and snow.

        He started teaching page layout and Photoshop at the Art Institute of Seattle in the ‘90s and found a profound love of teaching. His teaching continues currently at the School of Visual Concepts, LuminousWorks and Seattle Central College. He was the founding instructor of CreativeLive and has created more than 250 videos in graphic design and production.

        Jason is an Adobe Certified Expert InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat and an Adobe Authorized Instructor, and was named an Adobe MAX master.

        His love of graphic design, infographics, production, photo retouching and illustration keeps him current with all the software with his book, Adobe Illustrator: Course and Compendium from RockyNook. He also writes an Illustrator blog on all things Illustrator at www.jasonhoppe.com.

        His love of creation and discovery comes from customizing lawn mowers at an early age and his profound love of cars from the age of 3. Being raised with no television, he channeled his curiosity and energy fixing, restoring and collecting cars since he was 14, and is a self-proclaimed car whisperer.

        He lives in Seattle with his partner and three wonderful hairless cats.

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        Nolan Haims

        Nolan Haims has decades of experience designing visual communications for the largest brands and organizations. He trains organizations to communicate more visually and create compelling stories with data. Nolan speaks at national conferences, writes extensively on visual storytelling, and is one of the co-hosts of the long-running Presentation Podcast. As one of only 15 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the U.S., he regularly advises the PowerPoint development team on the industry standard software. He is the author of thebetterdeckdeck.com and runs his own design consultancy in Montclair, NJ.

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        Bianca Woods

        Bianca Woods is Senior Manager of Programming for The eLearning Guild and the founder of Clever Raptor, an L&D design studio. With degrees in both art education and education media design & technology, she’s passionate about demystifying design and technology for others. She loves designing course content and media, test driving new learning technology, and taking photos of bizarre warning signs. When she’s not crafting learning projects, she can often be found obsessing about new tech, live tweeting industry events, and searching for the perfect cupcake. If these things sound interesting to you, you should probably follow her Twitter feed @eGeeking.

        Bianca’s sessions:

          Julie Terberg

          Julie is the creative force behind Terberg Design LLC, a small and smart studio that specializes in presentations. She is an internationally recognized presentation expert, a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, and a director of the Presentation Guild.

          At conferences and online, Julie she enjoys teaching and sharing ideas with other presentation professionals. With Nolan Haims, she co-hosts a monthly webinar, “Inspired by Design,” exclusively for members of the Presentation Guild.

          With Echo Swinford, Julie co-authored Building PowerPoint Templates: Step by Step with the Experts, and the authors are currently working on an updated version.

          Rick Altman

          Rick Altman has been hired by hundreds of companies, listened to by tens of thousands of professionals, and read by millions of people, all of whom seek better results with their presentation content and delivery. He covers the whole of the industry, from message crafting, through presentation design, slide creation, software technique, and delivery. He is the host of the Presentation Summit, and a Director at the Presentation Guild.