Bevi Chagnon

Half designer and half geek, Bevi Chagnon is 100% percent teacher when the topic is accessible documents. She’s a prolific writer on melding accessibility into graphic design, website development, publishing, digital media, and cross-media technologies.

Bevi is accomplished in many design disciplines (magazine art director, graphic designer, web developer, digital media developer, photographer, and architect) and has mastered many of today’s computer technologies.

If it involves communication in any format — traditional and digital, MS Office to Adobe Creative Suite — she’s a master.

Bevi is a technologist and information architect to fellow designers, publishers, government agencies, education K–higher ed, and enterprises, and guides them to make their published content gorgeous, successful, and accessible. She loves her job!

She is a U.S. global delegate to the International Standards Organization (ISO) for PDF standards, including PDF/UA (universal accessibility). Through this volunteer work, she contributes to the development of accessibility standards that are used worldwide for documents. She has also is a former contributor to the WCAG guidelines for web accessibility, the original “web standards” that pre-dates WCAG, and EPUB standards.

You can catch Bevi on public accessibility forums, as well as on Adobe’s user forums where she is an Adobe Community Professional.

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