Bevi Chagnon

Half designer, half geek, and 100% teacher!

Designer and publishing specialist by trade, Bevi Chagnon has been designing for accessibility for more than 25 years. She’s worn many hats in the publishing industry: award-winning art director, managing editor, web developer, prepress specialist, digital media maven, fulfillment director … and accessibility expert. She’s a member of international committees that create the accessibility standards, and translates that high-tech-ese in her books and blogs on how to make creative media accessible to everyone. Bevi has many certifications, the most recent being ADS – IAAP Certified Accessible Document Specialist from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

Her consulting and training firm,, consults with a who’s who of government agencies and corporations worldwide on their accessibility requirements and workflow. But she’s a designer at heart and brings together independent designers, studios, and publishers in her ongoing Accessibility Workshop classes.

Her publishing imprint, PubCom Media, distributes her training workbooks on many accessibility topics, including Accessible InDesign, Accessible Word, and Accessible PDFs. Bevi’s mantra: Create, Design for Everyone — Design It Accessible.

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