Coletta Perry

Coletta Perry is Avatar DPS’s CEO as well as their lead solutions designer. She has been automating production processes since the early 80’s. As is currently the case with Avatar, her former typesetting company, the Copyfitters, built an enviable reputation for knowing how to handle the most difficult jobs. It also pioneered the use of the earliest data-to-typography hardware and software along with a programming language that made it possible to create in-place pages at a time when others were still cutting and pasting.

Coletta was a very early adopter of desktop publishing – having worked with Ventura Publisher, PageMaker, Quark, FrameMaker and a few others that have faded into oblivion… and, of course, InDesign.

Avatar DPS has helped hundreds of organizations of all sizes successfully adopt data-to-design processes over the last 20 years. Coletta’s long experience and thorough understanding of both sides of the equation — the data AND the design — give her and her team critical advantages when connecting the dots to create powerful solutions for their clients.

Coletta’s sessions:


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