Dan Gard

Dan Gard is the Senior Production Designer at the world’s largest presentation design and communications agency, Duarte Inc. Based in the heart of Santa Clara, the epicenter of Silicon Valley, Dan has produced work for the boardrooms, conferences, and pitches of Silicon Valley’s elite. Often favored by executives for his candid nature and approach to design systems; he makes Presentation Design a blend of Graphic Design, UI, UX, and Engineering all composed with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Dan’s career has spanned from glass slides and late nights loading carousels, to the wonderful landscapes of Island Presents on Unix… hundreds of colors becoming millions… cutting his teeth working at companies like Better Image, NIA Creative, and that brief stint at Billpoint slinging emails post ‘dot bomb’, he always saw the timeless value of building great presentations. With a passion and education rooted in graphic design, his personal passions coming from photography, cinema, music (sound and covers), and gaming, all boiled together to create a skillset that knows exactly how to create impact no matter the venue.

When Dan is not building something for a client, he is most likely watching a film from his vast media library, while he considers what more he could do to his home theater system to create the ultimate sensory experience.

Dan’s sessions:


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