Kladi Vergine

Kladi Vergine is a visual strategist and founder of Studio Printmysoul, a Manchester-based design studio. Kladi and her team specialize in creating memorable branding and impactful visuals for both print and web.

With a ten-year career and the experience of living in 6 countries on three continents, Kladi has a unique perspective in design, branding, and creativity. Her use of explosive colors and geometry could be traced back to her roots as a Southern Italian street artist. And her deep understanding of consumer psychology and communication comes from her career at the United Nations and in corporate communication.

As a self-publish author, Kladi’s illustrated book, Plant Therapy, won the Fedrigoni TOP Designer Award 2019 for her unique use of cotton papers and ink. Kladi has also been the winner of Infohackit 2018 and Adobe’s San Francisco Creative Jam 2019.

In addition to her design work, Kladi has lead several branding masterclasses for Adobe’s Behance Live streams and currently mentors young artists through Adobe’s Discord page. Kladi has also led social media asset creation workshops for House Representatives in Washington D.C.

Visit www.iamkladi.com/video to learn more about Kladi’s colorful adventures.

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