Trish Witkowski

Trish Witkowski specializes in creative solutions and engagement strategies for direct mail and marketing, and she uses her expertise to help marketers discover solutions that can meet, or exceed, their marketing goals. Trish has an innate ability to solve problems, share information, and motivate audiences with inspired, relevant content, bold visuals, and powerful case studies. Trish is the President of, a tireless researcher and content creator, and an instructor for LinkedIn Learning. She hosts a popular YouTube vlog with over 500 episodes, tens of thousands of subscribers, and millions of views. She has been a brand ambassador for Sappi and HP, and has inspired marketing teams at American Express, ADT, Lowe’s and USPS. She has produced many books, blog posts, articles, and videos to help direct marketers get results. Visit for the best in print ideas, templates, and trends.

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  • Print: The Surprisingly Powerful Partner of Digital Marketing
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