Janelle Thomas

“I truly can’t put a price tag on how invaluable this conference was to my professional development, but also to my soul. Thank you x 3000!”

Avon J. Murphy

“This is the only conference offering the expert, trustworthy information that we learners crave.”

Gisela Moore

“I was completely blown away by the conference and have been recommending it to everyone I know in the design industry! Absolutely amazing experience with so many great instructors, classes and people. I learned so many cool and new things!”

Jay Newmarch

“Your speakers know what they’re talking about, love what they do, and are all about sharing their knowledge… 
I can’t wait for next year!”

Amanda Petersen

“I learned real, tangible things that I can take and start using in my work right away. My life just got so much easier, and more efficient.”

Marisa Carder

“My boss said, ‘Bring back something good, so we can justify having sent you.’ Well, I’m bringing back a tip that will save us boatloads of time—that alone was worth it!”

Mary Ann Walsh

“I find that the CreativePro conferences are the best way to stay on top of the ever changing world of graphics technology.”

Monica Crigler

“I left with tons of information and the desire to keep learning more.”

Craig Simpson

“I’m expected to help our designers make magic… CreativePro Week is where I learn all the tricks!”

Will Ballard

“I really enjoyed being able to attend 4 days worth of InDesign classes. I was able to come back to work and immediately implement what I learned.”