Introducing The InDesign + Accessibility Summit: A CreativePro Online Event

Join us November 19-20, 2020 for The InDesign + Accessibility Summit, the essential HOW-TO online event for InDesign professionals who need to master accessibility.

Ensuring your documents are accessible is not just a good idea: it’s the law. No matter what sector you work in — from government to legal, finance to health care, engineering to education — it’s critical that you understand how to make your documents accessible to people with visual impairments, mobility challenges, and other disabilities.

Inclusion and diversity are two of the most important themes in today’s culture, and building accessible documents is a key action you can take today to help. One in four people in the United States lives with some sort of disability — that’s over 60 million adults! You can make a difference by learning to make your documents accessible to more people.

Topics include:

  • What does it mean to be ADA compliant and follow Section 508 guidelines?
  • Understanding and implementing the 13 principles of accessibility
  • Building documents: Best practices for paragraph and character styles
  • Designing infographics and charts
  • Accessible branding
  • Creating long documents the right (and accessible) way
  • Becoming the accessibility expert in your company
  • Essential add-ons and utilities
  • The InDesign to Acrobat PDF workflow
  • Accessible (a11y) EPUB: It’s possible!
  • How accessibility actually improves your SEO and reach

Click here to see the full agenda

Speakers include:

Bevi Chagnon

Dax Castro

Chad Chelius

Laura Brady

Karen McCall

Colleen Gratzer

Rob Haverty

Registration Details:

Your registration includes:

  • Livestream access to all Summit sessions and live speaker Q&A
  • One year of on-demand access to all session recordings
  • Speaker handouts from the world’s top experts.
  • Savings on future live and online CreativePro events with the alumni discount.

2-day pass: $695
$100 off for nonprofit, government, education, and CreativePro/InDesignSecrets Premium members