Just Say No: Ten Alternatives to Bullets

Friday, 9:45 am – 10:15 am

One of the most damaging elements to the culture of presentation design is the dreaded Bullet feature used within PowerPoint. What started out as a highly functional, and useful, feature turned into a lazy solution for business professionals, professors, students, and more.

Nearly a decade ago Seth Godin, famous for his authoring on effective presentations, wrote in a free eBook and blog post about how bullets make for a terrible presentation practice. He wasn’t entirely against them but offered guidance as to the best way to use them avoiding redundancy in formatting and how to keep their usefulness intact.

A decade — and thousands of slides — later, Kristina Heaps has been deep in the corporate-wild with the dreaded bullet slide format and has found ways to delight her clients with alternatives to the lazy format. Creating a more visual experience that is also more functional and contextually relevant to the content of her client needs. Over this past decade she has built a library of slide solutions that are alternates to bullet slides. She will explain her top ten alternatives that clients appreciate the most.

In this session:

  • Contextual alternatives to bullet slides
  • Efficiency tips for formatting
  • Introducing animation as a solution
  • Approaching bullets like visual infographics