My Life in Presentations: From Ginormous to Intimate

Friday, 9:00 am – 9:45 am

Have you ever attended a massive keynote at an Adobe event and wonder what went into designing the graphics for that 200 foot wide screen? Curious about what makes presentations so different from other areas of design? This session will cover that and much more.

We will take a walk through all that is presentation design, and assess the stigma that surrounds this field. We will cover fundamentals and building blocks of successful working relationships with content writers, and how to overcome hurdles in the design process whether it be for a large keynote or a small intimate audience.

This session will focus on finding the Zen of Presentations and leave you with a new perspective on this area of design.

  • Effective storytelling… even when the story isn’t sexy
  • Working with event branding and carrying a consistent visual style
  • Understanding multi-screen situations and how they relate to smaller single screen scenarios.
  • Quick tips on image selection, type scale, color, and patterns